Ukraine must grasp peace from jaws of unwinnable war: Geoffrey Roberts, Irish Times, 130722

A bombed warehouse in Sloviansk in Ukraine: The longer the war goes on the greater will be Ukraine’s human, material and territorial losses, putting in peril the future viability of an independent Ukrainian state.</body></html>

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A Manufactured Crisis in Ukraine is Victimizing the World’s Peoples

With the conflict in Ukraine entering its third month, the likelihood of a successfully negotiated peace — an immediate necessity — is becoming ever more remote. This proxy war by the United States is designed to use the Ukrainian people to mortally disable Russia.

Messianic Desire in Ukraine, but no Victory Day Prize for Putin

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has become a battle for the Donbas and a land bridge to Crimea. Russian forces, however, are struggling. Mariupol has proven to be an exceedingly tough city to capture, while Russian forces are also facing fierce resistance elsewhere in the south and east.

The village in Ukraine where Russians looted, murdered and raped

The Russian soldiers were young, younger than her sons, with barely any hair on their chins, but their commander’s words were chilling.
“My men have had some vodka,” he said. “Now they want some entertainment.”

Vika started trembling. She suddenly understood why, earlier that day, when the soldiers came to the house to confiscate their phones, they had asked her to tie white fabric on her front fence.

The Military Situation In The Ukraine; Jacques Baud, The Postil, 010422

For years, from Mali to Afghanistan, I have worked for peace and risked my life for it. It is therefore not a question of justifying war, but of understanding what led us to it. I notice that the “experts” who take turns on television analyze the situation on the basis of dubious information, most often hypotheses erected as facts—and then we no longer manage to understand what is happening. This is how panics are created.