The Conflict Initiated By The Russian Invasion Has Escalated From A Localised Act of Aggression Into A Full-Blown Proxy War Between NATO and Russia

It is scarcely hyperbole to say that the world is closer to a great power war – even a nuclear one – than it has been for sixty years. Already, in just two months, the conflict initiated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has escalated from a localised act of aggression into a full-blown proxy war between NATO and Russia.

The War In Ukraine is Fast Becoming A Direct War Between NATO And Russia and The Prospects Are Horrific

NATO leaders recognise that Russia has not done anywhere near as well as expected in the first phase of the war, losing troops, weaponry and failing to gain the rapid advances that it initially expected. In the latest phase concentrated in the Donbas region and in the south, supply of weapons and training of troops by NATO are seen as crucial.

Statement of The Ukrainian Pacifist Movement Against Perpetuation of War

Ukrainian Pacifist Movement is gravely concerned about the active burning of bridges for a peaceful resolution of conflict between Russia and Ukraine on both sides and signals of intentions to continue the bloodshed indefinitely to achieve some sovereign ambitions.

The Military Situation In The Ukraine; Jacques Baud, The Postil, 010422

For years, from Mali to Afghanistan, I have worked for peace and risked my life for it. It is therefore not a question of justifying war, but of understanding what led us to it. I notice that the “experts” who take turns on television analyze the situation on the basis of dubious information, most often hypotheses erected as facts—and then we no longer manage to understand what is happening. This is how panics are created.