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Tues 6 Jan @ 5pm Protest at Israeli & Egyptian Embassies

In Memory of Tony Gregory

What You Can Do For the People of Gaza

1. Attend any of the following Events in Cork, Galway or Dublin
2. Contact Israeli Embassy
3. Check www.irishantiwar.org or www.ipsc.ie for events.

1. Attend any of the Following Events

01/01/2008 12:00 New Year's Day - Rally @ The Spire O'Connell Street Dublin
03/01/2008 12:30 GALWAY Wilde Statue at the top of Shop Street in Galway
03/01/2008 13:00 CORK Protest against Israeli bombing of Gaza Daunt's Square
03/01/2008 13:00 NATIONAL DEMO Central Bank Plaza Dame St Dublin

For more detail on any of these events see (http://www.irishantiwar.org)

2.  Contact the Israeli Embassy By Post or By Phone

Send the following letter to the Israeli Embassy

==================== Start of Letter ======================
H.E. The Ambassador of Israel
Israeli Embassy
Carrisbrook House
122 Pembroke Road
Dublin 4.

Your Excellency
I am writing to express my shock at the continued attacks on the people of Gaza.  These attacks are completely unjustified and should cease immediately.

I am also horrified that Israel continues to blockade the Gaza strip and is creating a situation, which could cause a famine within the next few months.

I am calling on you to do all in your power to rectify the situation in Gaza immediately.

Yours Sincerely


==================== End of Letter ======================

To Call the Israeli Embassy ring 01 668-0303

8-12-2008 19:30 Public Meeting Wynns Hotel New President - New American Foreign Policy?

With a change in the White House, will there be a change in US foreign policy?

Five and a half years from the invasion of Iraq. seven from Afghanistan and with a threat of attack on Iran, the ‘war on terror’ is purposeless and an even greater human tragedy.

Over 700,000 people have been killed and close to 1.5 million seriously injured in the region since the US and Coalition attacks.  In the midst of a major economic recession, the war
in Iraq alone is costing €300 million a day.

Protest for Palestine 1-11-2008

The IPSC is holding a picket and rally at the British Embassy (followed by a public meeting in the Mount Herbert Hotel) in Ballsbridge on the 1st Novemeber. The aim of this event to highlight the role of British Imperialism in the partition of Palestine, and its collaboration with the Israeli occupation and the crimes and abuses of the Israeli State ever since.

Shannon Vigal and other Anti-War Events

There are two Anti-War Events which you can attend this week.

1. Fundraiser in Dublin for anti-war resistors (Thursday)
2. Anti-war vigil at Shannon airport, Co. Clare (Sunday)
1. Anti-War Gig in Dublin

A "Hammered by the Irish" gig will be taking place at the Lower Deck pub, Portobello, Dublin, this Thursday Oct 9th. night 7.30pm-11.30 pm. Entry is by donation - money will go to an imprisoned U.S. soldier presently jailed for refusing to deploy to Iraq (http://www.couragetoresist.org) and a Kiwi ploughshares crew facing the courts for deflating a spy base dome! http://ploughshares.org.nz/

Info on Thusday's gig on this link

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