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Anti-War Events & Statement On Georgia

Anti-War Events & Statement On Georga


1. 28/8/2008 20:00 Ireland Plaestine Solidarity Campaign Film Screening: Memory of the Cactus (al-Haq)
2. 28/8/2008 21:00 Anti-War & Charity Gig
4. 05/9/2008 28:00 Musicians Against War in Thomas Reads on Dame St.


1. Statement On Georgia - The birth of a New Cold War.

News Articles

1. Statement on Georgia - The birth of a New Cold War.


Many Western politicians, among them Cheney, Brown and Miliband and much
of the Western media would have us believe that Russia is the aggressive
imperialist power and that the US and other Western powers are defending
Georgian democracy against outside invasion, with a nonchalant NATO

Anti & Lisbon Treaty Events & News



Section 1 Events

  * Protest Sarkozy Visit 21/07/2008 - 12:30

  * National Meeting of No To Lisbon activists - Dublin Teachers Club 20/07/2008 - 11:30


Section 2 News

  * Israel threatens to wage illegal, pre-emptive military attack on Iran

  * See first "Guantanamo" video of 15 year old interrogated

  * Revealed: our € 1/2 bn national pension reserve funds invested in Zimbabwe


Section 1 Events

Protest Sarkozy Visit 21/07/2008 - 12:30

The EU establishment wants to force a re-run of the Lisbon referendum
in Ireland...
Come tell French President Nicolas Sarkozy NO MEANS NO!
Monday July 21 at 12.30 Meet at Government Buildings - Merrion Square


Get The Bus To Demo Against Bush In Belfast 16/6/2008 10AM

The Bus will depart at 10AM from Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Sq. North, Dublin 1 on June 16 2008 Tickets can be purchased on line www.irishantiwar.org or by contacting 087 2886646

As US and British warmongering continues Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness have invited George W Bush to Belfast where he will no doubt be speaking about peace and reconciliation.

Interesting Lineup of National and International Speakers At AGM 24th May

Agenda & Motions

10:30 - 11:00 Registration

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11:00 - 13:00 Session 1 - This Is A Public Meeting There Is No Need Join The IAWM To Attend.

Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon, US…



Kamal Majeed (Iraqi Academic)
John Rose (Jewish anti-Zionist, Author of “Myths of Zionism”)
Glenda Camino (American Anti-War Activist)
Dr Abdullah Sayegh (Lebanon)

13:45 - 15:30 Session 2 - This Is A Public Meeting There Is No Need Join The IAWM To Attend.

The Lisbon Treaty Neutrality And EU Militarisation


Claudia Haydt (DIE LINKE & Information Centre Militarisation, Germany)
Esko Seppanen (MEP, Finland)
Richard Boyd Barrett (Chairperson, Irish Anti-War Movement)
Roger Cole (PANA)

15:45 - 17:30 Session 3 AGM

Motions and Election of Steering Committee members.

AGM 24th May 2008 Resolutions

1. That the Steering Committee of the IAWM shall consist of at least the following core posts and responsibilities:

    * Chairperson
    * Secretary
    * Membership Secretary
    * Activities Co-ordinator(s)
    * Finance Officer
    * Public Relations Officer
    * Muslim Community Co-ordinator

Proposed by the Steering Committee - MH

2. That in order to maintain a high profile and ways to appeal to a wider audience, the incoming Steering Committee of the IAWM shall undertake:

    * To organise in Dublin and through local groups and affiliated organisations elsewhere regular film showings and other cultural events.
    * To bring out a regular monthly bulletin that carries a calendar of activities and events ( stalls, speaking tours, public meetings, film screenings etc.).

Proposed by the Steering Committee – SO’R

3. That the IAWM sets in motion a legal challenge to the Irish Government on the constitutionality of the provision of facilities in Ireland to foreign military forces involved in illegal wars of aggression, in order to cause the relevant rulings in the Horgan case to be reversed.
That the IAWM sets in motion legal processes against Irish Government officials under the rules of the International Criminal Court, the United Nations Convention against Torture, the European Convention on Human Rights Act, the Geneva Convention Acts and any other relevant human rights and humanitarian law, on the grounds that such officials have been aiding and abetting in the commission, and providing the means for the commission of grave breaches of said human rights and humanitarian laws, by allowing craft to enter the jurisdiction, and providing facilities for such craft, which have been involved in said grave breaches.
That the IAWM launches a campaign to persuade Irish taxpayers to withhold payment of tax in proportion to the amount of Irish taxpayers' money which is spent on foot of the Eurocontrol Agreement, which affords to free air navigation support to foreign military craft involved in illegal wars of aggression.

Proposed by the Steering Committee – MP

4. That the IAWM considers that the Lisbon Treaty must be opposed on grounds of defending the remaining shreds of neutrality and opposing the galloping militarisation of Europe.

That the IAWM plays its full part in the ongoing CAEUC – No to Lisbon Campaign to which it is affiliated and asserts that it has no confidence in the government’s stated positions given that, through the use of Shannon by over 1 millions US troops,  it has de facto contributed to and is a participant of the US-led occupation of Iraq.

Proposed by the Steering Committee – MY

5. That the IAWM appoints a sub-Committee to promote demonstrations, protests and mass non-violent direct action against the involvement of Ireland in illegal wars of aggression.

Proposed by Mark Price

6. On this 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Naqba of 1948 the IAWM condemns the ongoing Israeli military occupation of Palestine and the mistreatment of the Palestinian people by the Israeli State.

This includes the siege of Gaza where 1.5 million people are literally being slowly starved into submission or death, the continuous house demolitions and expulsions, the targeted assassinations, the building of the Apartheid Wall on Palestinian land, the continuous land grab, the daily harassment at checkpoints throughout the Westbank and the denial of fundamental human rights to the Palestinian people.

The IAWM further condemns the silence of the Irish Government in failing to use its influence to censure Israel for its inhumane actions and collective punishment of the entire Palestinian population.

The IAWM pledges to work with members of the Palestinian Community in Ireland and with the Ireland Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) over the coming year to continually raise the issue of the plight of the Palestinian people within Ireland and to bring pressure on the Irish Government to take meaningful action against Israel.

Proposed by the Steering Committee – JR

7. While Israel continues to occupy Lebanese territories and threatens Lebanese civilian lives by not supplying maps and information on the location of landmines and cluster bombs it left behind after its recent invasion.

    * While the USA continues with its unjust and biased policy towards Lebanon by supporting the unpopular Siniora Government – a regime that grabbed power through an electoral system that gave the opposition only 54 out of the 122 seats while receiving 57% of the popular vote
    * While both the war and the criminal policies mentioned above have created a situation where the majority of the Lebanese people live under the poverty threshold, thus creating the objective conditions of the Sunni v Shia conflict
    * We support the struggle of the Lebanese people for a living wage
    * We demand that the Irish Government stops supporting unconditionally US policies in the Middle East and take a more active role within the European Union to help the people of the region in their struggle for independence and a living wage for all motion.

8. Resolution on Iran

Recalling that the illegal war of Iraq was based entirely on lies about Weaponsof Mass Destruction (WMDs) and aware that on attack on Iran has never been far from the crazed mind of George W. Bush, the world must be extremely wary of the US charge that Iran has a nuclear weapons programme.

There is no proof of that accusation according to the I A E A norhas Iran broken the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT)-unlike the US itself. It must also be borne in mind that the US-surrogate Israel refusesto sign up to the NPT and has a large store of nuclear weaponry threatening the region.

An attack on Iran would be a grave injustice bringing death and destruction to an innocent people, heightening tension between East and West and increasing the insecurity of our planet.

We must collaborate with all peace loving people and organisations to prevent such a disaster from happening.
The IAWM demands that our newly appointed Taoiseach and his new Minister of Foreign Affairs do all in their power to ensure that a strike on Iran will not take place. Motion: No to War on Iran , Solidarity with the Iranian People, not the Iranian regime.

9.Resolution on Iran (II)

The possibility of war on Iran has most certainly not gone away. In fact the pressure has grown, with increased sanctions and threats of attacks on Iranian military training camps. Iran is being blamed by the US for arming insurgents in Iraq and the Security Council is said to be finalising plans for bombing raids.

The fact that the Iranian government actually supports the pro-US occupation government in Iraq is ignored by the war mongers. The US war machine will not let the truth stand in the way of a bombing mission. But Ahmadinejad is no friend of the Iranian people. He might pose as an anti-imperialist but in truth he and his government simply want to extend their control in the region. He is also using the opportunity of war to crack down on all dissent within Iran .

Inside Iran , the situation is dire. Students, labour activists and women’s rights campaigners are accused of being a threat to state security and arrested and tortured. The atmosphere on the streets is one of intimidation. Economic hardship deepens as the sanctions cut deeper, affecting as they always do the poor and working class.

This conference resolves to:

    * Resist all sanctions and attacks on Iran and build a militant opposition to that war in Ireland .
    * Build solidarity with working class and progressive struggles inside Iran against poverty and repression.
    * Make it clear that we stand against imperialist war and side with the Iranian people, not the Iranian state.
    * Work with Hands off the People of Iran and other campaigns to build a powerful anti-war movement

Proposed by Anne McShane

10. Resolution on Ban of Ibrahim Moussawi.

Conference notes:

    * The disgraceful decision of the Irish government to ban Lebanese Journalist, Ibrahim Mousawi, from entering Ireland to attend an Irish Anti-War Movement conference last year.

    * The hypocrisy of the Irish government in allowing representatives of the Israeli state enter Ireland freely while banning a prominent Lebanese journalist associated with Hizbollah.

    * That Ibrahim Moussawi had previously been allowed to enter Ireland and speak at a wide number of public and media events at the invitation of the IAWM without obstruction.

    * That during this time he had briefed the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs on the situation in southern Lebanon where Irish troops were stationed.

    * That the decision to subsequently ban Ibrahim Mousawi resulted from an unacceptable interference of the US and Israeli governments in Irish political affairs to pressure the Irish government and censor free political debate in this country.

    * That the government decision represents an outrageous capitulation to US and Israeli pressure and censorship of the anti-war movement in Ireland.

    * That -without endorsing their politics - Hizbollah is the largest representative political organisation in Lebanon and the legitimate representatives of a substantial proportion of the Lebanese population.

    * That Hizbollah, are the leading component of an alliance that included Shia, Christian, Sunni, nationalist and leftist currents, that legitimately resisted the murderous and unjustified Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the summer of 2006.

    * That representatives of Hizbollah and other political currents resisting US and Israeli military aggression and foreign policy should have, at least, as much right as representatives of the US and Israeli states to enter this country and put forward their views and opinions on the conflicts in Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Conference resolves:

    * To invite Ibrahim Moussawi in the near future to come to Ireland to speak and to legally challenge any attempt to refuse him entry into the country.

    * To continue to invite to this country representatives of the legitimate resistance to US/UK/Israeli foreign policy or any spokesperson of organisations engaged in legitimate resistance against war, military aggression or occupation.

Proposedby the IAWM Steering Committee-RBB

11. Egyptian Oppression of Opposition

In response to a call for a strike on April 6th by the workers in the Mahallah textile complex, the biggest factory in Egypt, the Mubarak regime decided to occupy El-Mahalla complex with security forces, abduct strike committee leaders Kamal El-Faioumy and Tarek Amin and arrest political activists of every political tendency in Cairo and other cities.

Not able to suppress the protests, the Mubarak security forces used rubber-bullets, tear-gas, and live ammunition against the Mahallah people who decided to protest on the streets of the city and in different villages, leaving at least two dead and hundreds injured and around 800 arrested. We send our solidarity to the Egyptian workers and their supporters.

We call on the Egyptian government to stop oppression political
activists (socialists, liberals, and Islamists).

The Irish Anti-War Movement condemns the on going oppression in Egypt and expresses solidarity with the workers of Mahallah.

Proposed by Kieran O’Sullivan

Support the Raytheon 9 Special Bus To Belfast 7AM 19-5-08 From Royal Dublin Hotel

Support the Raytheon 9 Special Bus To Belfast 7AM 19-5-08 From Royal Dublin Hotel

1. The Bus for the Raytheon 9
2. Irish Anti-War Movement AGM 24th May 2008

1. The Bus for the Raytheon 9
The Raytheon 9 will appear in court in Belfast on 19 May. The Irish
Anti War Movement is organising a bus to go to Belfast to support
these antiwar activists.

To Book tickets either book on line at www.irishantiwar.org or
call 087 2886646.

The campaign will be bringing witnesses from Lebanon and will be using
their trial to highlight the real criminality- Israeli aggression in
Lebanon and Palestine and the arms manufacturers that benefits from this

The trial has been moved to Belfast because the Prosecution Service applied
to have it moved; it argued that the Derry jury pool is likely to know too
much about the campaign against Raytheon, including the non-violent direct
action taken on 9th August 2006 and that any jury from Derry might be too

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