Vigil for Gaza at Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin Today at 2.00pm

VIGIL FOR GAZA at Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin this Thursday, December 31st 2009 at 2.00pm followed by PROTEST AND LETTER HAND IN AT EGYPTIAN EMBASSY, 12 CLYDE ROAD AT 3.30PM (both organised by the IPSC) and other solidarity events around the country.

The Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM) called today for its members and supporters to attend the vigils and protests for Gaza one year on from the horrific military bombardment of Gaza by Israel and in solidarity with the Gazan people and the International Peace Convoy currently stranded in Egypt.

Claudia Saba, Secretary of the IAWM Steering Committee said:

"More than two years have passed since the land and sea blockade on Gaza's 1.5 million inhabitants began, and one year since the deadly Israeli attacks in which 1,415 Palestinians were killed, over 5,000 were injured and 325,000 lost their homes. The military assault, which started just after Christmas 2008 showed up the brutal and militaristic nature of the Israeli state, as pictures of dead and wounded defenceless civilians, many of them children, were broadcast to the world.

The Impact of War on Global WARming

Image of Explosion

Global warming is receiving increasing attention at home and internationally. Copenhagen’s high profile world summit on climate change in December 2009 is being attended by 192 countries and 100 heads of state who will discuss emissions cuts and financial measures to combat climate change.

While it’s good that carbon emission cuts from industry are being discussed, an item that is not prominent on the agenda is that of the obvious harm that war does to the planet. Fuel-intensive combat, oil well fires, the boom in cement consumption due to reconstruction efforts and security needs, and heavy use of explosives and chemicals all contribute to global warming in a massive way.

Here are some facts on the Iraq war and the impact that this war alone has on the environment:

Ireland to Gaza: Four Aid Teams To Set off for Gaza - Saturday 5th December

After 6 months of fundraising, 4 teams from all across Ireland will leave their hometowns on Friday December 4th, to travel 4,000 miles to Gaza, to deliver Ambulances and Humanitarian aid to the stricken region. They will then leave Ireland (via Dublin Port) at 9pm on Saturday 5th December. There will be a short 'send off' and photo opportunity taking place at 7pm in the Dublin Port Topaz Service Station (at the intersection of Bond Drive and Promenade St - map here:

In Tyrone, Galway, Dublin, Derry & Cork, volunteers have been working flat out fundraising, and raising awareness of the plight of the people in Gaza. Together, they will bring 2 ambulances, a mini bus, and a truck filled with over 10 tonne of humanitarian aid.

They will travel to London where they will join up with the "Viva Palestina Convoy", organised and led by George Galloway MP. Over 100 vehicles will leave on Sunday December 6th, and will travel through France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and reach the Rafah border between Egypt and Gaza for December 27th.

Diary Notice - Press Conference - Irish Friends of Palestine Against Lisbon - 12.00 Friday September 25th

Diary Notice – Press Conference


Do the EU's 'Shared Values'
inform its
Foreign Policy


12.00, Friday, September 25th

UNITE Trade Union Offices,

55-56 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 2


Speakers include:
Raymond Deane, Composer and IFPAL
Sean Clinton, IFPAL
Kieran Allen,
UCD lecturer and No to Lisbon campaigner

Chair: Treasa NíCheannabhháin

Diary Notice Peace Neutrality Alliance / Irish Anti war Movement Press Conference 22nd Sep 2009 11AM

11.00am Tuesday 22nd of September in the Unite Trade Union Headquarters, 55 Mid Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Irish Neutrality, The Militarisation of the EU and the Lisbon Treaty


  • Frank Slijper of the Dutch Campaign against the Arms Trade
  • Joe Higgins MEP, the Socialist Party
  • Cllr. Richard Boyd Barrett, Chair of the Irish Anti-War Movement
  • Ed Horgan of Shannonwatch and International Secretary of the Peace  Neutrality Alliance
  • Roger Cole, Chair of the Peace  Neutrality Alliance

For more information contact
Roger Cole, PANA Tel: 087-2611597
Michael Youlton, IAWM  Tel: 096 815 9487

Vote No To War, NATO and the Lisbon Treaty

Press Statement 4/9/09

Irish Anti-War Movement / Peace & Neutrality Alliance



The Irish Anti War Movement and the Peace & Neutrality Alliance have worked closely together since 2003 when we helped organise the massive demonstration against the Iraq war and Ireland's participation in that war that destroyed Irish Neutrality by allowing over one million US troops land in Shannon Airport on their way to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


We have consistenly opposed the process by which Ireland is being integrated into the EU/US/NATO military structures. It is our contention that the Lisbon Treaty and the acceleration of the process of the militarisation of the EU that is central to the treaty can only be understood in the wider context of the EU/US/NATO axis. This is why both PANA and the IAWM are affiliated to the No to Lisbon (CAEUC) Campaign (

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