The Taliban May Pretend to Show Moderation, But the Murderous Reality is Far Different BY PATRICK COCKBURN, Counterpunch, 240821

Outcome of US interventions is blood in the sand: Jeffrey D. Sachs, Irish Examiner, 190821

The wanton waste of a 20-year unnecessary war. "Less than 2% of the US spending on Afghanistan, and probably far less than 2%, reached the Afghan people in the form of basic infrastructure or poverty-reducing services"

Good analysis from Jeffrey D. Sachs.

Year Zero could be coming to Kabul as Taliban imposes its new order: Patrick Smyth, Irish Times; 230821

West hopes rebranded Taliban can save it from further embarrassment: Nelofer Pazira, iRISH tIMES, 210821

Even the crisis in Afghanistan can’t break the spell of Britain’s delusional foreign policy: Owen Jones, The Guardian, 190821

If historians of the future wish to understand the ignorance and hubris that accompanied the decline of the west’s power, this week’s emergency parliamentary debate on Afghanistan will provide an insightful case study. The delusions that have long characterised British foreign policy remained intact when Iraq was destroyed for the sake of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction; when British soldiers were forced into a humiliating retreat from Iraq’s southern city of Basra at the hands of Iranian-backed Shia militias; and when Libya was left as a failed state. It seemed unlikely that the Taliban casually waltzing into Kabul would finally break the spell.


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