Irish Anti War Movement condemns the proposal that Irish Naval Service is to participate in EU Naval Force, Operation Sophia


The Irish Anti War Movement condemns the proposal that Irish Naval Service is to participate in EU Naval Force, Operation Sophia.

The Government has announced that the Dail will be asked to approve the Irish Naval Service changing its role in the Mediterranean from a purely humanitarian mission of rescuing migrants at risk of drowning to a more aggressive military role that includes intercepting and arresting people-trafficking criminals and militias and destroying and sinking their boats. It would appear that this is being rushed through the Dáil at short notice in order to comply with the so-called triple lock, which involves the necessity to achieve UN, Dáil and Government approval for any overseas missions by the Defence Forces. The fact that this new mission has UN approval does not necessarily mean it is appropriate for our Defence Forces.

In 17 March 2011, at the behest of the UK, France and the USA, the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 approved a limited military action by NATO forces in Libya, supposedly to protect civilians in the Bengazi region. NATO and EU military forces went on to abuse this UN approval to effect regime change including the overthrow and murder of the Libyan President Qaddafi, leaving Libya in total chaos ever since. Since there is still no clear Government in Libya, it will be almost impossible to distinguish between boats off the coast of Libya being operated by criminals, militias or Libyan naval or coastguard services.

Irish Anti-War Picket at NATO ships in Dublin

Irish Anti-War Picket at NATO ships in Dublin

Sunday 3rd April 2016 | 16:30
Location: East-link Bridge

Six NATO warships are being berthed in Dublin this weekend and are open to viewing by the public. They are part of the 'enhanced readiness NATO Reaction Force'.

The Irish Anti-War Movement regards this as insidious pro-militarist propaganda which contributes to the ongoing undermining of Irish neutrality.

We are calling an emergency protest picket

This Sunday , 3 April at 4.30pm on the Quays at the East-Link Bridge.

We say:
Defend Irish Neutrality!
Keep Dublin port war-free!
Welcome refugees, not warships!

All welcome!

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Did Aircraft that Bombed Hospital in Kunduz Pass Through Ireland?

Did Aircraft that Bombed Hospital in Kunduz Pass Through Ireland?

Shannonwatch 6th October 2015


Reliable reports indicate that the bombing of a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan was carried out by a United States AC-130W aircraft. Shannonwatch call on the Irish government to immediately investigate and clarify if the aircraft involved passed through Shannon Airport or Irish airspace on its way to Afghanistan.


“The US hit a very large hospital full of wounded patients”, said Edward Horgan of Shannonwatch. “They killed 22 people, including 3 children, and they continued to bomb the hospital for 30 minutes after MSF had informed the US military that the hospital was under attack. This would appear to be a war crime, and it is one that Ireland may be implicated in.”


More Ministerial Confusion over Sovereign Immunity

More Ministerial Confusion over Sovereign Immunity

Our Minister for Foreign Affairs Eamon Gilmore is finding it difficult to explain what sovereign immunity means in the context of the US military use of Shannon. Despite being asked a series of direct questions on the issue by Clare Daly TD, he repeated the mantra that it "is recognised as applying in respect of foreign state or military aircraft". But he didnt say what that means. (See Dáil debate on Military Aircraft Landings here)

Gilmore also seems to have redefined the concept of neutrality. In answering the questions in the Dáil he said that Ireland's policy of neutrality was characterised by "non-participation in military alliances". In other words supporting military alliances is ok with his brand of neutrality.

In fact what he was describing is non-belligerence. Even if Ireland is not taking part militarily in wars being fought by the US or NATO, it is providing support for them at Shannon. Therefore it isn't neutral.

Of course Gilmore will also know that Ireland cannot even claim to be non-belligerent since it has spent million of euros deploying military personnel to the NATO-led war in Afghanistan.

Public Debate: NATO or Neutrality - Tues 14/5/2013 7:30PM Wynns Hotel Dublin

 Hosted by Irish Anti-War Movement, Sinn Féin, Socialist Party, People Before Profit Alliance, Peace & Neutrality Alliance


Tues 14th May 2013 7:30PM

Wynns Hotell


Chaired by:
Tom Clonan (Irish Times)

Speakers will include:
Richard Boyd Barrett TD, PBPA
Joe Higgins TD, SP
Padraig Mac Loclainn TD, SF
Dr. Bruno Tertrais, Fondation Recherche Strategiuqe, Paris
and more to be confimed.

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10th Anniversary Demonstration Commemorating the Disabilling of US Navy Warplane in Shannon Airport by Peace Activists

On Feb. 3rd 2003, the Pitstop Plougshares were charged with $2.5 million "criminal damage" followng their nonvolent dsablng of a U.S. Navy warplane. Initially remanded in Limerick Prison they were brought to trial three Itmes over the following three years at Dublin's historic Four Courts. In 2006 following two mistrials, the Ploughshares - Deirdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Damien Moran and Caron O'Reilly - were unanimously acquitted of all charges by a Dublin jury. Accordng to WikiLeaks released Dubln U.S. embassy cables, the action and acquittal sent shock waves through the U.S. and Irish government war conspirators.

Deirdre and Ciaron were joined on Sunday by sizeable contingent of Garda and anti-war activists from Dublin, Galway and Limerick. Many of those gathered mantain a monthly anti-war persence at the airport and ongoing opposition to the continued use of the civilian airport by the U.S. military and C.I.A.

The gathering began by reading the February 2003 action statement of Derdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Damien Moran and Ciaron O'Reilly. This was followed by remembering the dead of Iraq, those soldiers who passed through Shannon to their deaths and anti-war activsts who had resisted the militarisation of the airport who have sadly passed away over the past ten years. Imprisoned U.S. military whistleblower Bradley Mannng ,who passed through Shannon Airport to deployment in Iraq, was also remembered. Reflections were then shared by all gathered before mustard seeds were scattered as a symbol of hope for future nonviolent resistance at the airport.