vigil protest against US military use of Shannon Airport & failure to investigate & end rendition flights.

10/06/2012 - 14:00
12/06/2012 - 15:30

Regular vigil to protest against the US military use of Shannon Airport and the failure to investigate and end rendition flights.

The vigil will take place from 2pm to 3pm on Sunday 10th June at the usual place -  just before the airport entrance (gather at the small roundabout).

The US military continue to use Shannon Airport to move their troops  to and from the failed occupation of Afghanistan. Ireland still supports the most militarized nation on earth, the US, and Shannon ferries weapons and troops (maybe even killer drones) to its warzones. If another war - like an ill conceived invasion of Iran - were to take place, Shannon and Ireland would almost certainly be involved. We need to continue our protests and to ensure this does not happen.
For more information see or phone 087 8225087.

Shannon Airport Vigil

13/05/2012 - 14:00
15/05/2012 - 00:10

Shannon Vigil

Sunday, 13 May, 2012. 14:00 - 15:00

Regular monthly vigil to demonstrate against the US military use of Shannon Airport, and against the failure of the authorities to deal with its use in CIA renditions
Meet at small roundabout before airport entrance.
While the government moves Shannon Airport from the Dublin Airport Authority to a new semi-state body, it remains very silent about the constant movement of war planes through the airport. When they talk about passenger numbers they never refer to the quarter of a million armed foreign troops that are taken through each year. And when they talk about executive jet business and US pre-clearance, they never refer to the fact that many of these executive jets have been operating as rendition planes - in other words, their business is kidnapping and torture.
Tel: 087 8225087

Bus to Shannon - Sunday March 11th - To mark anniversary of Iraq invasion.

On Sunday March 11th at 2pm Shannonwatch / PANA and the Irish Anti-War Movement will gather at Shannon Airport to mark the 9th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

We invite & urge all available anti-war / peace activists available to consider joining us to mark this anniversary with a significant demonstration.
PANA & the IAWM have hired a bus which is free for all who wish to take it (a donation would be appreciated and will be requested) to travel to Shannon from Dublin on March 11th.   It leaves Heuston Station at 10.30am.
The size of the bus depends on the number that confirm they wish to come by emailing at the earliest convenience.

Shannonwatch Press Release:
Since Shannon was handed over to the American forces, over 2 million armed troops have passed through. Following 12 years of crippling sanctions, their presence in Iraq resulted in up to 1 million people dying and over 2 million refugees.
Shannon has also played a significant part in the occupation of Afghanistan over the last decade. There the results are equally appalling.

Not content with supporting the Afghan and Iraq wars, the Irish political elite have now given a clear signal that they will actively support the US/EU/Israeli war on Iran. By closing the Irish embassy there, they shut the door on dialogue. Shannon is continuing to operate as a US military hub, and if Iran is invaded it will almost certainly play a part.

This war must be stopped because if it goes ahead the consequences will be even worse than those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The demonstration at Shannon on March 11th will remember all those who have died in the wars that Shannon Airport has been part of. It will also call yet again on the Irish government to end the US military use of the airport.  


Extraordinary U-Turn on Extraordinary Rendition by Labour Leader in Government


Minister for Foreign Affairs and Táiniste Eamon Gilmore this week demonstrated an extraordinary change of heart about Ireland’s role in renditions. His claim that there is no evidence Shannon Airport has ever been used for this purpose is a complete u-turn from the views he and the Labour Party expressed when in opposition. Up until he took ministerial office he demanded that the Irish government inspect suspect aircraft going through Shannon. Now he is denying the existence of evidence that the airport has been repeatedly involved in such human rights abuse.

"In answer to a Dail question on Tuesday, Eamon Gilmore mislead the Dáil and the Irish people when he said there is no evidence that Shannon or any other Irish airport has ever been used for this purpose” said John Lannon of Shannonwatch. "As he himself pointed out to the Dail on 12 December 2007, a number of reports, including one from the Human Rights Commission, have stated that Shannon Airport has been used for the transiting of people who are, as he said "being ferreted away for the purpose of torture". In March 2006 Eamon Gilmore also highlighted a Council of Europe statement that the European Convention on Human Rights can be violated through an omission to act to stop such serious violations of human rights . "Not knowing is not good enough" said Mr Gilmore at the time".

Shannonwatch Update

Shannonwatch Update

5th January 2012

1. Remember that our Monthly Vigil takes place at Shannon on Sunday January 8th at 2pm. Please come along if you can, and encourage others to do so too..

2. Taoiseach Enda Kenny does not practice what he preaches ...

What Taoiseach Enda Kenny says: (1) Ireland is at the fore of promoting peace, justice, security and development. (2) "... the Irish people have demonstrated an instinctive respect for peace, justice and human rights. It is absolutely right that these values are transmitted to the next generation."


to Irish President re: Shannon warplane incident, from Denis Halliday

The President of Ireland
Michael D. Higgins

Dear Mr. President,

Firstly may I wish you and your family a wonderful family Christmas. And secondly and belatedly, may I wish you all success in your endeavours to be Present for all of us, all the people of Ireland.

This is a time for wisdom and balanced leadership at the top. There could no better man than your goodself.

As you may be aware, a US war plane was deliberately damaged recently at Shannon by concerned citizens acting in the spirit of the Nurnberg Principles. Under these Principles, as you know full well, Irish citizens have an obligation to prevent war crimes committed in the name of Ireland. This is the case when the Irish Government, by allowing Shannon to be used by American forces (some two million given hospitality to and from the killing fields of Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere) makes we Irish complicit in the war crimes of the United States.

I understand some minimal media coverage provided has disparaged the non-violent protest as "vandalism" . This is unfortunate as it fails to show to the majority in Ireland and our friends overseas that we Irish remain militarily neutral and do not approve or support wars of opportunity and aggression. Passively or otherwise, we do not engage in crimes against peace or humanity.

Mr. President, a word from you drawing attention to this courageous and entirely appropiate action at Shannon
would be significant for Ireland's image as a peace loving country.
Ireland must stand tall as a country committed to decency and civilised behaviour, respectful of human rights at home and abroad.

Yours sincerely,

Denis J. Haliday
admirer, friend and former UN Assistant Secretary-General
Effective immediately

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