Defend Irish Neutrality

Thurs 26/05/2022 7 PM Wynns Hotell Abby Street Dublin 1 and OnLine

Most people in Ireland want to stay out of wars but we are being dragged into military alliances.
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Shereen Abu Aqleh Palestinian-American journalist

The poem was written by Sarah Khairbik and recited in Arabic by Wafaa Zeinah at a recent protest at the killing of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. The protest took place outside the Israeli Embassy in Dublin.

US Peace Countil Logo

With the conflict in Ukraine entering its third month, the likelihood of a successfully negotiated peace — an immediate necessity — is becoming ever more remote. This proxy war by the United States is designed to use the Ukrainian people to mortally disable Russia.

Russina Journalist Protests War on TV

Two Russian journalists working for a popular pro-Kremlin website filled it with anti-war articles on Monday morning in a rare act of dissent as the country celebrated the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany.

Hands Off Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has become a battle for the Donbas and a land bridge to Crimea. Russian forces, however, are struggling. Mariupol has proven to be an exceedingly tough city to capture, while Russian forces are also facing fierce resistance elsewhere in the south and east.

Ukranina Woman Survives Russian Occcupation

The Russian soldiers were young, younger than her sons, with barely any hair on their chins, but their commander’s words were chilling.
“My men have had some vodka,” he said. “Now they want some entertainment.”

Vika started trembling. She suddenly understood why, earlier that day, when the soldiers came to the house to confiscate their phones, they had asked her to tie white fabric on her front fence.