The Irish Anti-War Movement


About The Irish Anti-War Movement

The Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM) is a membership based grass roots organisation. Anyone who agrees with the basic aims of the IAWM is entitled to join.

The structure of the IAWM is relatively simple there are three basic components:

Individual Member

As has already been stated anyone who agrees with the aims of the IAWM is entitled to join. Any member who has paid up their subscription is entitled to vote at the AGM and put their name forward for membership of the steering committee. The steering committee is elected each year at the AGM.

Local Groups

There are a number of local anti-war groups around the country these groups are activists who come together to organize anti-war events. Each group decides for itself what activities it will undertake.

The Steering Committee

The steering committee organizes major national events and coordinates the movement. The purpose of the steering committee is to provide a common direction for the IAWM.

Privacy Policy

The Irish Anti-War Movement respects, and is committed to protecting your privacy. The personal information you provide will remain private and will only be used for the purposes of contacting members about anti-war events and for the essential operations of the Irish Anti War Movement.

Membership information is not passed onto any other organisation.

About Rules Which Govern The IAWM

All the actions of the Irish Anti-War Movement are governed by its constitution, which can be amended at each AGM

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