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A message from Paul Flynn MP about Afghanistan

A message from Paul Flynn MP

A message from Paul Flynn MP

You will no doubt have seen or heard of my recent expulsion from the House of Commons for telling what I and many others believe is the truth about Afghanistan.  We are fighting an unwinnable war of occupation there and the sooner we follow our former ISAF Coalition partners in withdrawing from the country the better.  Unfortunately successive governments have failed to realise this and continue putting the lives of our soldiers at risk, repeating the tired mantra that they are reducing the threat of terrorism in the UK in doing so.  Writing in the Guardian on Tuesday, Simon Jenkins makes a similar point: http://bit.ly/SDfx1Q
For many months I have been attempting to seek permission to read aloud the names of the 433 men and women, fallen in Afghanistan, in the House of Commons.  Perhaps the stark realisation that it would take over half an hour of Parliamentary time to achieve this would have some influence on the Ministers using these brave soldiers as human-shields. 
In the meantime the Stop the War Coalition are arranging a "Naming the Dead" ceremony in Trafalgar Square this Sunday October 7th 2012.

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