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account & pics: silence and peace action for Gaza and Rachel Corrie


Action of silence and peace for Gaza and Rachel Corri

Silence On Gaza Waiting For New Rachel!


Action of silence and peace for Gaza and Rachel Corri

Silence On Gaza Waiting For New Rachel!

Gaza Strip, 16, March, 2008, (PCAS) Popular Committee Against Siege in the Gaza Strip has held a new action to lift siege. The action was pretty-unique in which a scene of siege  was embodied on the ground. A commemoration of fifth anniversary of the American-Palestinian peace Martyr "Rachel Corrri" was done as well.

The siege scene has included many facets of  Gazans sufferings. Disabled Medical instruments and machines, ambulances, electrical machines, travelers luggage in addition to many samples of siege were brought into the ground.

Barbed wire circulated the crossing of the  Gaza down town where an atmosphere of silence, siege, sufferings spread overall the place for at least 2 hours.

Some school children held posters and slogans that call for peace and ending siege.  The posters were also indicating all siege countenances, such as the lack of fuels, foods, medications, medical supplies and school books and stationary.

Rachel Corry  who was the American peace activist who scarified her soul in 2003 was on the scene.  She has occupied part of the action as participants sent in a 5-mintue-sielnce  on the occasion of her 5th anniversary.Rachel was killed by Israeli Bulldozer in Rafah town while defending some of poor refugees’ homes.

A unique message was sent to the world, not through calling or appealing by words. Yet, a deaf child has sent a message through the deaf sign language in which she  requested the UN, USA, EU to save the children of Gaza.

One of the corners was very bleak and expressed not only the suffering of people but also the suffering of the lovely flowers. Tens of dead-spoiled flowers that are being banned to be exported for Europe were threw in the ground!


Spokesman of PCAS, Mr. Ramy Abdu, asserted on the actions to end the siege." We are working according to new strategies to get the support of global mainstream. Our cause is a just one. We will use all civilized and peaceful means to free our beloved Gaza,"


Its remarkable the PCAS is launching by daily actions in the Gaza strip and abroad as well. An action was held yesterday in around 10 countries including Japan and South Korea for the first time.

The Action in Pics:



Popular Committee Against Siege(PCAS),
PCAS Manager,
Sam AK
Gaza – Palestine
Website: www.freegaza.ps/english

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