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Call for mass blockades against the racists’ conference in Cologne

From the 19th to the 21st of September, racists and neofascists from all over Europe are planning to hold a so called ‘Anti-Islamization-Congress’.

From the 19th to the 21st of September, racists and neofascists from all over Europe are planning to hold a so called ‘Anti-Islamization-Congress’.


Invited by the self constituted citizens’ initiative ‘pro Köln’ up to 1000 right-wing extremists of different shade (from the classic Neo-nazi to rightist-conservatives) want to spread their propaganda against people with other origin ore religion under the smokescreen of a pretended critique on Islam.

‘pro Köln’ is a extreme right-wing organization, who is operating for years with racist policy in cologne and even supraregional. Many functionaries and members of ‘pro Köln’ were in neo-nazistic Parties or groupings like the NPD, the Republikaner and the Deutsche Liga für Volk und Heimat. Recently ‘pro Köln’ agitated against a new mosque in Cologne-Ehrenfeld and searched with a racist and ultra-right-wing propaganda for voters.

For the gathering in September representatives of ultra-right-wing Parties from Austria (FPÖ), Belgium (Vlaams Belang), Italy (Lega Nord), the USA (Robert Taft Group), Great Britain (British National Party), Spane and Hungary want to come. Furthermore the international known leader of the extreme right-wing Party Front National (FN), Jean Marie Le Pen, shall appear in Germany in cause of the congress. With their international baiting-conference ‘pro Köln’ has two ambitions. The collaboration of extreme right-wing organisations in whole Europe should be enlarged. Also ‘pro Köln’ wants to start the hustings of the Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) local elections in 2009.

We will not tolerate such a international racist gathering and we will not allow, that ‘pro Köln/pro NRW’ is able to practise their racist propaganda in the local elections undisturbed. That’s why we are calling to impede this conference!

We can only realize it, if as many people as possible block their venue on this days together and obstruct the passage of the rightists. In spite of all differencies of our political view, we all have this ambition. We will subtend our resoluteness against them and we will be incalculable because of our similarities and our diversity. With the tool of civil disobedience we will defy ‘pro Köln’ and their entourage..

Get participated on the mass-blockades around the venue! No pasarán!

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