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Chinese premier’s visit: Ireland cannot allow beef and butter to come before human rights:

David O’Brien, Irish Times,

Wed Jan 17 2024 – 06:00

It will be interesting to see what anyone says about the Uyghur people to Chinese premier Li Qiang while he is in Ireland this week. Photograph: Laurent Gillieron/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Many friends in the Uyghur Autonomous Region of China have disappeared into the awful system of camps. Their plight must not be forgotten as the Chinese premier visits Ireland this week.

2022 United Nations report by then UN Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet accused the People’s Republic of China of committing serious human rights abuses against its Uyghur population and other ethnic minority groups. It found reports of arbitrary detention, widespread torture, sexual violence, forced sterilisation of women and forced labour to be credible, and that these could amount to the “commission of international crimes, including crimes against humanity”.

FULL ARTICLE – https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/2024/01/17/selling-beef-and-butter-cant-be-allowed-to-come-before-human-rights/

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