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European Days of Action against nuclear weapons.

Actions for nuclear disarmament at nuclear weapon bases all over Europe

Overview on www.bombspotting.org

Actions for nuclear disarmament at nuclear weapon bases all over Europe

Overview on www.bombspotting.org

During the Easter weekend peace organisations all over Europe are staging actions at nuclear weapon bases and command centres, as part of a European Day of Action against nuclear weapons. One month prior to the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) Review Conference, peace movements in all the European countries with nuclear weapons on their territory (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey and the UK) are sending one message: it is time for nuclear disarmament. The continuing deployment of nuclear weapons does not provide more security, but rather encourages the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Actions will take place in:

Belgium3 April: Mass civil disobedience action at the military base of Kleine Brogel, organised by Bombspotting-Vredesactie. 
2 April – vigil in Paris in front of the Operational Center of the nuclear forces (COFN), by the Ministry of Defense, organised by Jeûne et Interpellation.
3 April – civil inspection at air force base Mont de Marsan, near Bordeaux, organised by ‘Non au missile M51’.  In Brest (Brittany) protest at the Headquarter for the (sub)Marine part of the French nuclear forces (FOST).
Netherlands3 April: Demonstration and civil inspection of the south eastern nuclear weapons base at Volkel, organised by anti-militarist platform Ontwapen. http://ontwapen.puscii.nl  –  Live news on http://www.vredessite.nl/ and http://www.indymedia.nl/
Germany4 April: Rally towards the main gate of the German nuclear weapons base in Büchel, organised by DFG-VK/GAAA. 
United Kingdom3 April: Procession from Faslane Peace camp with symbolic blockade of the North gate of Faslane naval base in Scotland, home of Britains nuclear-armed submarines, organised by Trident Ploughshares
Turkey6 April: Action and press conference in Ankara with parliamentarian Sehabat Tuncel.
Italy21 March: ‘Beati i Costruttore di Pace’ marched with 800 people a Via Crucis-manifestation towards the base of Aviano where 50 nuclear bombs are located. http://itaca.beati.org/node/346

Information, pictures and updates can be found during the weekend on www.bombspotting.org
Videos will be made available on


One year ago President Obama put nuclear disarmament on the international political agenda during his speech in Prague. And the new START agreement between the US and Russia to cut the number of deployed strategic nuclear weapons is a step in the right direction. But twenty years after the end of the Cold War, British, French and US nuclear weapons remain in Europe while the US and Russia will retain stockpiles of more than 20,000 nuclear weapons. Forty years ago, under the terms of the NPT the nuclear powers promised to disarm. But now, while the US and Russia are reducing thier arsenals of strategic nuclear weapons they are simultaneously undertaking extensive programmes of modernization of their nuclear arsenals as are Britain and France. Arms control coupled with the modernization of nuclear arsenals is not disarmament. The nuclear powers can’t have it both ways. As long as the nuclear powers fail to fulfill their obligation to pursue disarmament in good faith, they jeopardize the NPT.

Several decisive events related to nuclear weapons are scheduled in 2010. The NPT Review Conference takes place in May, and NATO is reviewing its Strategic Concept by November. These political occasions are opportunities to make nuclear disarmament a reality. With their actions, European peace movements are urging NATO member states to seize the moment. We are calling on the governments meeting at the NPT Review Conference to commit to negotiations leading to the abolition of nuclear weapons and on NATO to renounce the policy of reliance on nuclear weapons for security. Failure to do so will create a world where more and more countries develop nuclear weapons. The danger these weapons will actually be used becomes once again dangerously high.

For an overview of nuclear weapons in Europe: http://www.vredesactie.be/page.php?id=53

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