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eyewitness accounts: The “forgotten war” on ordinary Afghans.

Tuesday, 6th May at 20:00

Tuesday, 6th May at 20:00

NUIG, The Space, Aras na Macleinn

Ewa Jasiewicz and Maya Evans were part of a UK peace delegation to Kabul where they lived and worked with the Afghan Peace Volunteers. Having spent time with refugees, street kids, widows, activists and civil society groups, their unique eyewitness accounts are from a grassroots perspective on the effects of the ongoing "forgotten war" on ordinary Afghans.

Ewa Jasiewicz is a journalist, union organiser and long-term human rights activist. She has worked with the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Afghanistan, farmers, families and paramedics in Palestine, oil workers in Iraq and community relief groups in Syria. In England she is active with climate and social justice networks (Reclaim the Power/No Dash for Gas, Fuel Poverty Action and the Palestine Legal Action Network).

Maya Evans is one of the co-ordinators of Voices for Creative Non-violence UK. Maya has visited Afghanistan on three occasions and on the last she stayed for three months living and working with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers. Maya is involved in campaign and advocacy work against the ongoing war and was briefly imprisoned in England in 2010 for unpaid fines related to a protest against the NATO bombing of an Afghan wedding party. She has also prosecuted the British government for it’s complicity in the torture of Afghan detainees, resulting in a "partial victory". Maya speaks from personal experience, with insights into both the political situation and grass-roots projects and movements in Afghanistan.

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