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IAWM Public Meeting – After Paris: Stop the Terror, Stop the Wars

IAWM BULLETIN 24 November 2015



In this bulletin:

1. IAWM Public Meeting – After Paris: Stop the Terror, Stop the Wars

2.   Donating to the IAWM



1.  Public Meeting –



Date / Time: Thursday 26th November, 7.30pm


Venue: Academy Plaza Hotel, 10-14 Findlater Place, Dublin 1 (off Marlborough Street, Parnell Street end)


Speakers include:

Richard Boyd Barret, TD

Clare Daly TD

Mick Wallace TD

and others


As suffering and tension escalate in the Middle East and around Europe it is more important than ever to end the vicious cycle of wars, terror, more wars and more terror. Further bombing in Syria as a response to the horrififc Paris terror attacks is not the solution. It will not work and will only kill and wound more civilians, make many homeless, create more refugees, lead to further sectarian division, quite likely strenghten Daesh and deepen the hatred within the Middle East towards western powers and all things western. An alternative to war and terror must be found.


Come along to this important meeting to hear some suggestions as to how we can stop the new mad rush to war by western political leaders.



2. Donating to the Irish Anti-War Movement

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