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If Leo Varadkar goes to the White House, it can’t be for a quiet word about Gaza; Justine Mc Carthy, IT 020224

Taoiseach must convey Ireland’s message about Gaza publicly, unambiguously and for international consumption

Not a single visit to the Middle East features in the list of 86 cities. If a house call to Washington is necessary to intercede for restraint in the region, why not drop into the cockpits of Jerusalem and Tehran? To be “a small island at the centre of the world”, a vision for Ireland the Taoiseach espouses, the Government needs to broaden its horizons.

FULL ARTICLE: https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/2024/02/02/justine-mccarthy-if-varadkar-goes-to-the-white-house-it-cant-be-for-a-quiet-word-on-gaza/

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