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Irish Ship to Gaza [27 June 2011]

Irish Ship to Gaza – Updates

Irish Ship to Gaza – Updates

  1. DEMONSTRATION: END THE SIEGE OF GAZA, 28 June Tuesday, 6pm. Assemble Central Bank, march to Israeli Embassy
  3. Latest Videos: Irish Ship Responds to Gilmore | Get Out & Protest – Stay Human

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  1. DEMONSTRATION: END THE SIEGE OF GAZA, 28 June Tuesday, 6pm. Assemble Central Bank, march to Israeli Embassy (Via Riverdance picket at Gaiety Theatre)Speakers include:
    Denis Halliday (Sailor aboard Rachel Corrie 2010)
    Mick Wallace TD
    Jimmy Kelly (UNITE the Union)
    Richard Boyd Barrett TD (IAWM)
    Raymond Deane (ISTG)
    Dr. Freda Hughes (IPSC)
    Claudia Saba (ISTG)

    For Details see www.irishantiwar.org |

    Press Statement 24th June 2011
    The Irish Anti War Movement released a statement today in support of the Irish Ship to Gaza which sails as part of the Freedom Flotilla II next week to the Port of Gaza in an attempt to break the naval blockade imposed by Israel. The IAWM says;

    • Allow the Freedom Flotilla II unhindered access to the Port of Gaza
    • Calls a demonstration in conjunction with the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign on June 28th in solidarity with the Irish Ship and the Freedom Flotilla
    • Speakers include; Mick Wallace TD, Jimmy Kelly, Unite, Richard Boyd Barrett TD and others
    • Calls on Eamon Gilmore, Minister of Foreign Affairs to seek safe passage of the Freedom Flotilla and the MV Saoirse with its 25 Irish Passengers.

    The Irish Ship to Gaza is part of an eleven vessel Flotilla comprised of ships from US, Canada, France, Italy and elsewhere. Hundreds of concerned citizens from all over the world, supported by hundreds of thousands of small donations from ordinary people will take part in the Freedom Flotilla in late June.

    In the statement the IAWM noted that they would be holding a demonstration on Tuesday June 28th @ 6pm at the Central Bank on Dame St in solidarity with the Flotilla. The demonstration will include the following speakers; Mick Wallace TD, Jimmy Kelly, Unite, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, among others. They will march to the Israeli embassy via The Gaiety Theatre to join the IPSC Riverdance ‘Don’t Dance for Apartheid’ protest. A number of protesters will also be present at the Annual Human Rights Lecture of the Irish Human Rights commission at the Royal College of Physicians during which Eamon Gilmore will be speaking.

    IAWM committee member Jim Roche who is a Flotilla passenger in an open letter to Eamon Gilmore requested that he call publicly on the Israeli government to allow free passage for the Irish Ship and that they withdraw their threats of violence against the participants. Eamon Gilmore recently stated that ‘We will do everything possible to facilitate those wishing to transfer humanitarian goods to Gaza and we will work with them to avoid a repetition of the unacceptable violence that occurred last year’.

    In the statement the IAWM supported the aim of the Irish Ship and Freedom Flotilla to end the continuing Israeli blockade of Gaza through civil resistance and non – violent direct action. The Freedom Flotilla is a broad based and international movement of concerned citizens seeking to peacefully achieve what their governments have failed to do.  Lola Hynes, IAWM steering committee member stressed that this was a peaceful humanitarian mission.

    The statement also noted that the UN human rights council released a report in 2010 which confirmed that the Israeli blockade of Gaza is illegal and that Israeli policies in the region constitute a form of collective punishment that is a violation of human rights. The blockade imposed by Israel has caused 1.5 million people to be effectively imprisoned in one of the most densely populated areas on the earth. 80% of the population rely on international aid in order to survive and unemployment is at 40%. There are no building materials to rebuild schools and hospitals as these are on the prohibited list, nearly all the drinking water is contaminated, cancer and other seriously ill patients cannot gain access to potentially lifesaving treatment due to the restrictions on travel. Movement of people and goods is strictly prohibited and is entirely dependent on the permission of Israel. Earlier this month the Health Authority in Gaza proclaimed a state of emergency due to an acute shortage of vital medicines.

    The IAWM stated that they support the 46 Palestinian Civil Society Organisations in Gaza (including the Palestinian Association for Fishing and Marine, The Medical relief society and General Union for Health services) that called for backing for the Freedom Flotilla, insisting that the siege must end. They wrote ‘We call on the nations of the world participating in the Flotilla to continue their plans to sail to Gaza where they will be welcomed by the Palestinians’. The IAWM supports the Flotilla movement’s assertion that reaching the Palestinians through their own port defies the dehumanisation of an entire population and supports the continuing efforts of the people of Gaza to assert their right to humanity, dignity and self determination.

    Richard Boyd Barrett, Chairman of the IAWM stated that; ‘’Israel’s siege of Gaza and relentless persecution of its suffering population is utterly barbaric. It is a criminal act by any definition of international law, and yet the International community allows it to continue, year after year, without any sanction against Israel. Again this year, hundreds of ordinary people of conscience mind from across the world have felt compelled to act where government’s have failed to do so – putting themselves at great risk to bring solidarity and aid to the beleaguered people of Gaza. Our new government must call on Israel to allow free and safe passage to Gaza for the Freedom Flotilla. It should tell Israel that the Irish participants in the flotilla and the other participants from countries across the world are doing nothing more than seeking to uphold International law and human rights, and that they must be allowed to reach Gaza, safe and unhindered. For our government to do anything less would be a gross abdication of their responsibility to protect their own citizens and uphold the international law and human rights standards they claim they are committed to. We are appealing to the Irish public to show their support for both the people of Gaza and the Irish people who are participating in the Flotilla by joining the protest at the Israeli embassy this Tuesday evening. ”  

    For More Information contact;
    Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Chair steering committee IAWM. Tel; 086 7814520
    John Molyneaux, Steering Committee IAWM. Tel; 0857356424
    Lola Hynes, Steering Committee IAWM. Tel; 086 8228795

  3. Latest ISTG Videos: Irish Ship Responds to Gilmore | Get Out & Protest – Stay Human

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