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Mark Regev Admits Between 9th June 4th Neovember Hamas Fired no Rockets or Mortars out of Gaza into Israel

By David Morrison

By David Morrison

On More4 News last Friday (9 January), Israeli spokesman, Mark Regev,
was forced to admit that from 19 June until 4 November 2008, during the
ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, brokered by Egypt, Hamas fired no
rockets or mortars out of Gaza into Israel, absolutely none.  A video
clip of this is available on YouTube

The More4 News story
(which was based on information supplied by me) demonstrated the
effectiveness of the ceasefire in reducing the threat to Israeli
civilians to almost nil, despite the fact that Israel failed to honour
its commitment in the ceasefire agreement to lift its economic
strangulation of Gaza.

Israel torpedoed the ceasefire on the evening of 4 November (when the
world was watching the election of Barack Obama) by its military action
in Gaza, contrary to the terms of the agreement – and, by so doing,
increased the threat to its citizens and provoked a /casus belli/ for
its assault on Gaza on 27 December.

A Fact Sheet by me on these matters written for the Ireland Palestine
Solidarity Campaign is attached.  It is based on publicly available
information from the Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.

Might I also draw your attention to two articles by me also for the
Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign on Israel’s assault on Gaza, which
have been published in the Irish Times:-

(1) / Israel broke ceasefire by killing six /(30 December)

(2) /Is Israel right to try to destroy Hamas?/ (5 January)
(I didn’t choose the question – scroll down for my NO answer)

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