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Philip Agee, Top CIA Whistle Blower Outlines Hypocrisy of US ‘War on Terror’ in a new film called ‘One Man’s Story: Philip Agee

Change to the publicised programme

Change to the publicised programme

Mr Agee’s Europe tour has been curtailed due to ill health and he is unlikely to be able to attend any of the Irish events in person.

The Dublin event on 20 November at 8pm at Liberty Hall Theatre will continue as planned with a film featuring an extended interview with Mr Agee entitled "One Man’s Story: Philip Agee, Cuba and the CIA". His prepared speech will then be delivered by  well-known Irish actor Donal O’Kelly, followed by questions and answers which will be chaired by Ivana Bacik.  Philip Agee came to international attention when he revealed many of the CIA’s covert and illegal activities in South America. As a result, he was deported from Britain as a threat to the security of the state and was denounced as a traitor by George Bush Sr

In the film he will describe the undeclared terrorist war against Cuba launched by the USA – a terrorist war that has killed more than has died on all sides during the ‘troubles’ in Ireland – yet it remains unknown outside Cuba.
He worked for 12 years in the Company(CIA) joining in 1957  and working in Washington, Ecuador, Uruguay and Mexico until he resigned in 1968. He has since become one of the most important whistle blower on US support for the installation and maintaining of brutal dictatorships throughout the Western Hemisphere adn beyond.
His first book ‘Inside the Company’ published in 1975, and the Covert Action Information Bulletin, first revealed in detail many of the dirty tricks that his colleagues had been involved in across the world and his passport was taken away in 1979, ‘to protect national security’.
Philip Agee has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth and his testimony is compelling. Even though he left the CIA with the idea of forgetting it all and starting a new life, to quote him; ‘you don’t forget these things’.

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