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Sanctions On Russia: Are We Consistent? John Molyneux, REBEL NEWS, 120422

John Molyneux is a member of People before Profit and a member of the Steering Committee of the IAWM

Why should the Left oppose sanctions on Russia but call for sanctions on Israel or Apartheid South Africa? Is this inconsistent? John Molyneux takes on the argument.

When it comes to Ukraine and condemning war we know our government and other Western rulers have double standards. They denounce the Russian invasion, as do we, but they say nothing about the war in Yemen or the occupation and oppression of Palestine by Apartheid Israel; they were complicit, via Shannon airport, with the US over invasion of Iraq and the long war in Afghanistan. They didn’t even bother much about Russia’s crushing of Chechnya and its obliteration of Grozny, or its help in suppressing a workers’ revolt in Kazakhstan


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