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(gather at airport entrance)

Come to Shannon on Sunday January 10th to

(gather at airport entrance)

Come to Shannon on Sunday January 10th to

  • call for an end to Shannon Airport’s role in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars;
  • demand accountability from the Irish political leaders who sold out on our morality, neutrality, and respect for human rights;
  • draw attention to the US administration’s broken promise to close Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre.

The corrupt political leadership of this country have made Ireland part of an international war industry that costs countless lives and destroys societies and nations. On every day of every week, Shannon Airport provides support for the failing, immoral US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It facilitates the movement of over 5,000 foreign troops a week. It services an unknown number of cargo planes on US military contracts. And it provides protection for private sector war mercenaries and CIA torture flights.

Seven years after the first anti-war demonstrations at Shannon and the setup of a Peace Camp outside the airport, Shannon operates as a de facto US military base. This is secured at the Irish tax-payers expense and protected by the local Garda Siochana. It has facilitated kidnapping and torture by the CIA. And it continues to facilitate criminal acts of war.

We will remember the victims of the crimes and the abuse facilitated by Shannon over the last seven years on January 10th.

We will also gather in solidarity with activists around the world to mark the start of an eighth year of torture, abuse and detention at Guantanamo Bay. We join with them to bring attention to the US administration’s record of broken human rights promises, and the shattered lives of the men at Guantanamo and their families.

As a new decade begins we will continue to oppose the “war on terror” and Shannon’s involvement in it.

Visit www.shannonwatch.org, email shannonwatch@gmail.com or phone (+353) 87 8225087 for more information.

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