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Tues 6 Jan @ 5pm Protest at Israeli & Egyptian Embassies

In Memory of Tony Gregory

In Memory of Tony Gregory

The Irish Anti-War Movement offers its condolences to the family of Tony Gregory. For many years Tony has campaigned on many issues of justice and has been a voice for the voiceless he took up the cause of the use of Shannon by the US military amongst many other causes.

He will be deeply missed by many people.

Details of Protest

Another protest has been caled for Tues 6 January at 5pm at the Israeli Embassy.   The protest will then move on to the Egyptian Embassy to protest Egypts failure to open the border with Gaza.

If you can attend please do so if not you can still help by contacting the Israeli Embassy and registering your protest at their actions.

What Can I Do?

1. Write to the Israeli Embassy.
Israeli Embassy
Carrisbrook House
122 Pembroke Road Dublin 4.

2. Call the Israeli Embassy
Tel: 01 668-0303

3. Boycott Israeli Goods

When next you are doing your shopping check the labels and leave anything that comes from Israel on the shelf.





Impage of Protest at Israeli Embassy 29-12-2008

Israel troops have now entered the Gaza strip. The terror unleashed by bombings is now being continued in the streets in people’s houses.

This is a repeat of Lebannon 2006. Israel’s claim that it is a “necessary operation” in retaliation to the launching of rockets is absurd – Israel has killed one hundred times more people. Equally unbelievable is the Israeli claim, even while they massacre innocent civilians, that they are “facilitating” humanitarian aid.


This is about the approach of the Israeli elections, the interlude of the US presidency and an age-old political aim to destroy Palestine. The invasion of Gaza makes mobilizing opposition in Ireland all the more urgent.

Israel’s actions are allowed continue because those leaders in the Arab world are terrified of the radicalizing effect of the war on Gaza. Egypt’s Mubarak, despite two million of his people demonstrating against the attacks on Gaza, refuses to allow the people from Gaza to flee to safety across the Rafah crossing into Egypt.

This cynical move further endangers Palestinians. It is an attempt to stem a growing radicalization within Egypt.

Demonstrations against Israeli terror have taken place across the world. Once again we see the determination of the international anti-war movement to stop needless deaths at the hands of those determined to keep Palestinians stateless and vulnerable. Gaza is the latest phase in the “war on terror” and we cannot let Israel and its western backers away with it.

Opposition to this slaughter needs to move beyond verbal condemnation. We call for an immediate cessation of all military attacks on Gaza, the severing of diplomatic relations with Israel, and with demonstrations, local protests, boycotting of Israeli goods, keeping up the pressure on our government to isolate Israel and its terrorization of the people of Gaza.

PROTEST at Israeli Embassy to Egyptian Embassy Assemble at the Israeli Embassy, opposite the former Jurys in Ballsbridge at 5 pm on Tuesday 6th Jan afterwards to march the Egyptian Embassy.

STOP The slaughter in GAZA – Free Palestine – Boycott Israel

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