The Irish Anti-War Movement

Unpublished letter to Irish Times on Jenin massacre; 260123

the recent spate of killings by Israel in the West Bank – 30 so far this year, 288 last year, including 47 children – is an exemplar of unjustified war-like violence against a civilian population. Such violence, including the horrors of Jenin last Wednesday, is as usual misrepresented and underplayed by your Jerusalem correspondent Mark Weiss (Palestinian Authority ends security co-operation with Israel after nine killed in raid, 26 January).

Given the undisputed fact that such numbers of Palestinian men, women and children are regularly violently attacked and killed or injured on their own internationally recognised lands by either illegal armed settlers or the occupying foreign military, will there now be calls from western politicians and the media to send Leopard and Abrams tanks to help them defend their homeland?
If not, why not?

Yours etc,

PRO Steering Committee, Irish Anti-War Movement,
PO Box 9260,
Dublin 1.

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