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Welcome to Irish Art for Gaza

Welcome to Irish Art for Gaza

Welcome to Irish Art for Gaza

On this website – www.irishart4gaza.com
you can view stunning works of art that have been created by four leading Irish artists — in order to raise funds so an Irish ship can join a new Freedom Flotilla to the besieged people of Gaza.

The four works that you see featured on our site were created in various media. They have been turned into high quality prints using a process called giclée, renowned for its capacity to capture the subtle gradations of colour and shade that escape other forms of reproduction. The process employed top-quality archival paper and inks. There have been just 100 prints of each image produced, and each print has been signed and numbered by the artist. They each evoke the cause of Gaza in different ways — the work by Pat Harris, for example, is a painting of flowers from Gaza.

Felim Egan, Robert Ballagh, Pat Harris and Guggi have each donated a unique set of 100 personally signed and numbered prints, produced to the highest standard on top-quality cotton archival paper. They are available here at extraordinarily good value, and because the artists are also covering the printing and equipment costs, every euro goes to help the people of Gaza.

Several Irish people were on the boats hijacked last May in international waters and taken into custody in Israel. This year more Irish activists will set sail on an Irish ship to bring aid supplies and much-needed solidarity to Palestinians — innocent people who continue to suffer in what is effectively a giant prison camp in the Gaza strip.

Your support is needed for the Irish Ship to Gaza. If you are in a position to offer that support by purchasing one of this special works of art, you will also be gaining a beautiful object created by a leading Irish artist.
For further information, phone Irish Art for Gaza at 08624749



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